Middle Cullen Lake


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Surface Acres: 382
Shoreline: 5.40 miles
Dwellings per Mile 20.5
Depth (Max): 46 feet
Depth (Mean): 19.6 feet
Littoral Area 127 acres (33%)

Most years Middle Cullen Lake stays in the  mesotrophic  range throughout the growing season and, as you can see from the charts , 2010 was no
different.  As you probably know, Middle Cullen is the only one of the three lakes that is long and relatively narrow.  It has three distinct basins,
each with a deep hole of over 40 feet, and a small western bay out of which the stream flows into Lower Cullen.
 The basin we use for water sampling is
the center basin.

UPDATED February  11, 2011

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